Graph Magics

Graph Magics 2.1 is now available !

What's new in this minor upgrade ?
  • A new view mode is added. Now you can view graph representation and data at the same time in 2 horizontally split windows.
  • Chinese Postman Problem now works on any type of graph! The speed with which it finds solutions for mixed graphs is much faster than other known algorithms, and you will probably not even find another program that solves MCPP.
  • Minor bugs removed.
  • GUI is improved.

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Major Features of Graph Magics:

  • The ease with which graphs are constructed: edges and vertices can be added with just a simple click ; movement and resizing of vertices is simply done by dragging and dropping ; one can edit edges weights and capacities by typing them directly into edges representation, or by a using a special table of values ; every small utility found in other well-known editors for constructing visual objects is present.
  • 3 different visualization layouts for graphs are offered. All of them contain the same graph, but its visualization is independent in each of the layouts, offering user the possibility to view the same graph in different ways.
  • There are 5 different shapes available for vertices: rectangle, square, circle, ellipse and rhombus.
  • Functions for arranging graphs in circle, tree, grid, bipartite graphs are offered.
  • Undo/Redo, Cut/Copy/Paste, and Zoom functions are available.
  • Execution and step by step visualization of 17 different algorithms on graphs (finding the shortest path, minimal spanning tree, maximum flow, minimum cut, chinese postman problem, the largest set of independent vertices, maximum clique, eulerian and hamiltonian circuits and others) are offered.
  • With Graph Generator tool it is possible to generate 4 different types of graphs of different parameters and sizes.
  • Importation and exportation of graphs from raw data files of different structures (adjacency matrix, neighbours list, edges list).
  • Up to 1000 Vertices are supported.
  • Graph visualization may be printed to a file or to a printer.


This program can be used for many different purposes, some of which are:

  • applying graphs (and related algorithms) in practice - economics, social sciences, urban operations and others
  • teaching graph theory - especially useful for teachers
  • studying, analyzing and solving problems on graphs - especially useful for teachers, students and even researchers
  • constructing and designing graphs for other purposes
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