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This page contains a collection of graph pictures. By looking at them - one can see the power of Graph Magics. The majority of these pictures show examples of applied algorithms, others show just how easy it is to construct in Graph Magics complicated graphs. There are also some interesting graphs that simply look very nice.

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A maze

The shortest path between the corners of the maze

A network

Same network with Maximum Flow results shown

A way to color a certain map using minimum number of colors

Minimum Cut results for Point A and Point B vertices

A graph (arranged in grid) similar to a city rectangular structure

Minimal Spanning Tree applied to the same graph

This graph was created correspondingly to the structure of a part of a real city

This is the shortest path from railway station to the airport

Suppose that a new fire department should be constructed in this area of the city. The best location would be the region that is situated as close as possible to the farthest point. A way of finding such a region is by running Graph Center algorithm on selected vertices (regions).

Suppose that a new supermarket will be constructed in this area. The best location would be of course the region that is most accessible to people. A good way of finding such a region is by running Graph Median algorithm on selected vertices (regions).

Just Nice Looking Graphs
Any of these graphs was created in less than 5 minutes

Just a complete graph

This one was constructed by generating a complete graph and appending it 3 times to the same graph

Almost 1000 vertices arranged in a grid and connected with central vertex

The same graph after applying minimal spanning tree algorithm

This one looks really nice :)
It's a generated and a little "distorted" graph

A graph created in less than 2 minutes - looks impressive :)
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