Graph Magics

What's new in Graph Magics 2 ?

  • Loops (self-edges) are now supported
  • Edges flow capacities are added
  • Double edges may be added between pairs of vertices
  • Grid layout is added
  • A binary tree can be generated in graph generator
  • One can set the maximum number of levels of a random tree generated
  • Export/Import functions improved, new possibilities added

    New Algorithms
  • Maximum Flow
  • Maximum Flow of Minimum Cost
  • Minimum Cut
  • Optimal Graph Coloring
  • All Shortest Paths
  • Is Graph (Subgraph) Connected ?
  • Flood Fill
  • Eulerian Path/Circuit
  • Hamiltonian Path
  • Hamiltonian Circuit
  • Directed Chinese Postman Problem

  • Special Table for editing edges' weights and capacities values
  • Brief algorithms' descriptions
  • Algorithms' results are now also written as text
  • 2 new vertex styles are available: square and rhombus
  • Copy/Cut/Paste functions are available
  • Zoom tool added
  • Pan tool added
  • Many new small functions available: delete incoming or outgoing edges of selected vertices, select all vertices contained in results, and others.
  • Different types of vertices' auto naming are available
  • New options are offered for printing graph to a file
  • More flexibility in graph editing
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